The FrenZ. A group of like-minded San Joaquin Valley-raised musician/singer/songwriters who enjoy coming together and paying homage to the Golden Era of 60s-70s Classic Rock, R&B and mild Prog. The FrenZ also offer up original songs and rearrangements of that era. 

The leader, Kenny Lee Lewis, takes great pride in presenting shows with this talented quintet. When not touring with The Steve Miller Band, Kenny Lee is able to stretch out on lead guitar and vocals. He also enjoys breaking out his guitar collection to tantalize his fans and friends with the authentic tones of those times. 

The cover songs that The FrenZ perform are played with professional precision and impeccably recreated taking the audience back in time to when the greatest rock bands in history ruled the airwaves. Their original music also has those same flavors from the past but presented as new compositions for a new decade.

Intricate, dual guitar harmonies and three part vocal harmonies predominate throughout a FrenZ show. This is what makes The FrenZ unique in that they have put in the time and rehearsals to polish their craft. This is a world-class act.

Kenny Lee Lewis

guitar and lead vocals

Bob Santa Cruz

bass and lead vocals

Clif Brockett

keyboards and vocals

Marty Townsend

guitar and vocals

Wyatt Lund